Drive Inc.

Fan Fiction based on motion picture: Drive (2011)

The driver was fully focused; in the moment. They had cleared most of the road till the next intersection. He was much more alert now. The road across ahead was moving. He wanted to make it before the side he jumped turned green. Although, the road to the airport was straight ahead, he wanted to take a left.

The confusion was on the passenger’s mind.

The vehicle density moving across was thinning. The last of the few hurried and driver’s left side went green.

Distance from the intersection: 50m

Speed: 100kmph

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Id Crisis

The browser redirected back to the login page with an error message.

“The username or password you entered is incorrect.”

He entered it again and waited, taking in some more tea. Some seconds passed. The page came back to login screen. Slightly irritated, Jay checked caps lock and entered the password slowly, pressing one key at a time. He was back again at the login page. More irritated, he tried a few more times. By this time, the captchas had started appearing on the login screen. Making each one of his attempts to login more painful than before.

After scores of attempts to login, Jay sank back in his chair. This was unusual. He rarely forgot any password. And never to his email account. He tried to think. The password was the same he had used for years. It was a really long, twisted, numbered string with many special characters. Just the kind of password any login system would accept without complaining. It was part of his instinct. He told his password to nobody, ever. Not even his girlfriend. That was his rule.

A bad thought passed his mind. May be, the account was hacked. He quickly dismissed the possibility. As he only used trusted computers, his office and home computers to log into this account. Both the machines were secured with updated anti-virus and firewall, etc. And he had no enemies.

He tried again. He did not get any further than the login page. “What the hell?” Jay was getting angrier and his tea was getting colder.

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